The Birthday Project

It is a collaborative and transmedia documentary that explores the origin and celebration of birthdays, one of the oldest and most popular rituals in the world celebrated by millions of people from different cultures, countries and beliefs.

The birthday celebration have sense only on a special day, an extraordinary day in ordinary life that recalls the precise moment in which a person’s life begins and that will continue until the end of their days, counting paradoxically a countdown to the day of his death.


Although ancient civilizations already celebrated it thousands of years ago, it was not until the beginning of the 20th century when its celebration (and commercialization) became popular around the world with the famous song “Happy Birthday to You”, which is sung today on the five continents.


But not all people live their birthday in the same way and not all sing this song. That is why we have designed this platform, where with your help we will start a documentary project made up of a world map that brings together the different birthday songs that exist in the world, along with a film that explores the birthday stories of people from different ages and cultures around the world.


Thanks to your stories we will honor this ritual that resists the passage of time and whose resignification can open the door to a greater dimension for the understanding of ourselves and the society in which we live.

About us

This project is developed by Zorzal Contenidos an audiovisual production company specialized in documentary films.